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Warmer Weather & the Possibility of a City Bike

By Rob Sutter

It's unreasonable to think that everyone is going to be raring to go out to ride a city bike in weather like this. Even though it doesn't seem like we're in the bitter cold of January, it's still not the ideal climate for anyone to go out and ride in a recreational manner. However, people have decided to go about it and I have to commend them for such a daring action. I'd like to think that there are many ways that these people have been able to survive on this matter.

When it comes to riding upon a city bike, you better be certain that you're going to have many layers of clothing to put on. I'm sure that your parents brought up the importance of bundling up when you were going to school but it's something to consider when talking about the cold weather. You want to be able to sport clothing that is comfortable yet functional when you go out to ride. This is important when you decide to look into companies which specialize in these vehicles like Linus Bike.

Clothing choices are important, of course, but I feel like what's placed on the head should take the most precedence. Thirty percent of your body heat seems to escape from the cranium and that means that headgear is something worth investing money into. While many riders are going to look at helmets as the ideal headwear for competition, I think that earmuffs help to keep warmth in the body better. These will undeniably help in the situations where you absolutely must keep your temperature up.

Maybe you're part of a competition but the distance to the venue is simply too great to travel to from your place of living. Driving there with the bike in tow can be done and the car itself can actually prove to be helpful. I would recommend staying inside of the warm car as long as possible before you decide to walk outside to ride. Take each moment of that warmth in because I'm sure that you know it's not going to last terribly long.

A city bike in the cold sounds like the most mismatched duo you could think of. If you were to tell someone that you were out to ride during this time of the year, I'm sure a good number of people would tell you just how bad of an idea it sounded. However, if you decide to take up certain sets of clothing, it shouldn't be of any issue to you. This goes especially for the headwear that you decide to take on, retaining warmth that is vital in this regard.

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