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Natural Yard Cleaning Products

By Roland Stockwell

The backyard is probably not the busiest part of your household, but it still needs to be cleaned every once in a while. For instance, the plants may accumulate dust and dirt after a long time of exposure to the elements. You may also want to clean the backyard in order to get rid of pests. In the past, using pesticides is the way to go but, these days, we are all better off using natural pest control methods and backyard cleaning techniques in lieu of chemical-loaded pest control processes.

Your backyard is not limited to your lawn of course, because you can be connected to your backyard via your porch. It is actually more advantageous to clean the surfaces of your porch like windows, walls and others with water rather than use chemicals. Using water will preserve the paint of your walls, for example. By contrast, the use of chemicals will erode on your paint jobs and, coupled with exposure to the elements, this will mean that your paint will flake away quicker than you are comfortable with. This will require you to repaint your surfaces frequently, which is expensive in the long run.

The need to use only water-based cleaning solutions applies also to furniture in your patio. You may think that chemical cleaners are more effective because they indeed get rid of dirt faster, but they also slowly damage the wood and even the metal of your furniture. In addition, their use also means the sun evaporates chemicals into the atmosphere where they could inflict damage to the environment. You can actually create your own cleaning solution using dishwashing soap, vinegar and warm water! This way, you can be sure that what you are using is safe in contrast to using chemical cleaning solutions.

Do you have fixtures in your backyard like a fish pond for koi, or perhaps a bath for the birds or a fountain? Having these in your backyard is never a bad idea, and is even beneficial as they could improve the value of the house. In addition, fishes are considered bringers of excellent fortune to the owner of the house. As for birds, wouldn't you find it cute to see them take a dip in the bird bath you made for them? The fountain is a must-have for any home as long as you have a space for it as it adds some semblance of elegance! However, you have to continually clean and replace the water in these because they can become breeding grounds for parasites like mosquitoes.

For your water cleaner needs, you can use the Healthy Ponds Products like the Fountain Water Cleaner, Bird Bath Water Cleaner and the Koi Pond Water cleaner. These products contain absolutely no harsh chemicals. Instead, they use probiotics and natural enzymes that are released into the water once the products are applied on the liquid. They are 100% safe and eco-friendly, so you have nothing to worry about. Simply put the products into the water, and wait for 30 days before refilling and resuming the treatment.

You can rest assured that you are not endangering anyone when you use the zero chemical Healthy Ponds products, as they safe for fishes, birds and other animals. Veterinarians have given their vote of confidence in the safety of these products around animals.

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