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Car Wraps Utilizing Superhero Colors

By Rob Sutter

Superheroes are iconic for many reasons and I believe they are recognized based on color schemes alone. Yes, the overall appearance is most vital when talking about this but it seems like we see a couple of colors and that's when the visual of a hero comes into our minds. It's hard to imagine that these icons would be effective without these kinds of color patterns. Car wraps are ones that are smartly designed and I have to believe that different colors play their parts on the matter.

Let's say that you display a certain set of colors to someone who claims to be a superhero fan. You may be surprised by how quickly they name off a character that shares those sorts of hues because they have become so iconic in the past. For example, Iron Man is commonly seen sporting red and gold, meaning that the mind is instantly going to gravitate towards that particular personality. It's the same as Batman wearing black for as long as he has.

Speaking of Batman, there was once a time when the Caped Crusader had shades of yellow in order to corporate the iconic bat emblem on his chest. While animated series seem to uphold this to certain degrees, it seems like the movies have done away with any other color but black. Even though Batman may be limited in terms of color palette, incorporating dashes of yellow may help a design to stand out. It can also help people look and recognize it as the scheme of Batman.

Car wraps have the opportunity to use a multitude of colors and it's clear that many of them will be recognizable by people. For instance, people may find that blue and red can come together and wind up looking reminiscent of the iconic Superman. I feel as though there are a number of colors that people can draw correlations to superheroes with and these types can work with companies such as JMR Graphics. There shouldn't be any limits when talking about these colors.

Car wraps are going to be useful for many reasons, amongst them being the idea that they can promote images to audiences better than most other methods. However, there are a number of qualities that go into this and color stands as one of the more important ones. If your designs aren't eye-catching, being able to create them isn't going to make much sense. If anything, it's going to serve as a tremendous waste of time for you in the grand scheme of things.

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