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Caring For Orchids Properly Is Essential

By Morgan Shore

Orchids are some of the most amazing plants which you can care for. There is so many different species which you can purchase now. Its very important that you learn how you care for orchids properly. This should be done even before you've bought your plant.

Getting the right species for your house means you need to take into consideration the factors within your home. The minimum evening temperature of your house needs to range from 45 degrees F to 55, depending on the species it can range up to 65.

Adequate Lighting for your orchid is very important. Just like most plants orchids need the best light for them to bloom. Placing them next to a south or even east facing window is enough but remember orchids don't do very well in direct sunlight. You can if your house doesn't get enough light, use indoor grow lights.

As these plants are part of the epiphyte family it means they don't need soil to grow. All they need to do is have somewhere to attach their roots. Most of the time in the natural habitat they use trees or even rocks to anchor their roots. This allows the correct amount of air to pass over the roots, also allowing water to run off.

The watering of orchids is essential and can be the difference between you killing it off or getting that perfect bloom. Some orchids only need to be watered at least once where as some need to be watered less. Depending on the species you have, some need the water to drain off where as some need to stay moist over time.

Orchids need a certain amount of humidity ranging from 60 to 80 percent. This can be achieved in many different ways, the most popular is placing gravel filled trays below your orchid where you can fill with water.

The temperatures can vary depending on the species which you have but on a average, you need between 75 - 85 degrees F in the day and between 45 - 65 in the evening.

As orchids don't need nutrient soil, fertilizing them can become a little tricky. All you need to remember is to use specialist fertilizers for orchids or even some tropical fertilizers will do the job but you need to remember to apply on a periodic time scale.

Using this tips will help and guide you to gaining the best for orchid. Remember these are the basic's in orchid care. These plants should be explored by everyone and even now the most novice gardener can enjoy caring for orchids properly.

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