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Video Games & the Inclusion of Endurance Training

By Rob Sutter

How many of you remember the days of gaming when running and jumping was considered to be the standard? You didn't do much of anything else and many of us were okay with it. You also have to wonder how many people actually believed that it wouldn't get much better than that. However, technology has shown a great deal of improvements in terms of maneuverability and a lot of that, in my estimation, comes from endurance training and the efforts which are brought into it.

If there is one element that seems to be common with these sorts of titles, I think I'd have to cite it as intensity. You begin to control these characters and it isn't long until you start to see the seamless way that they move from place to another. The environment is tailored to suit their motions, whether you're talking about leaping over obstacles or going about tremendous leaps. Simply play something "Assassin's Creed" and your main character is going to treat a structure like one would in real life.

Endurance training can be utilized in many athletic scenarios but if you're going into an area where a litany of obstacles will be seen, you'll benefit greatly. The exercises which entail them - running, climbing, amongst other motions - are going to be the ones which help you throughout. They will also be the ones which will help you to hone your physical being. If you want to challenge yourself and utilize the same kinds of skills you would see in gaming, think about competing in events the likes of Spartan Race.

Platforming games seemed to have this same level of athleticism, especially with the constant scaling of the "Prince of Persia" series. That seemed to set the groundwork, though one can argue that titles like "Assassin's Creed," as stated before, alongside "Darksiders" have refined it to certain degrees. I can't doubt that this level of gameplay has grown stronger. I hope that more people take advantage of this and make the movement of characters even more fluid than how it seems to be at this point.

I think it's apparent that you're not going to be able to totally copy what you see in games and I don't think anyone would expect it to occur, either. However, you can still become physically fit, especially with endurance training coming about. You may want to take up the elements of parkour, or even long-distance running, in order to expand your actions during exercise. You will soon find that going about these activities will benefit you in the long run.

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