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Life Quotes - Power Quotes to Kickstart Your Life

Here are some powerful inspiration quotes, how they can motivate you and why/how they are applicable in our daily lives;

1. "Most times, arrogance accompanies strength, and it is wrong to conclude that justice is on the side of the one who is strong. Moral choice must always accompany the use of power" - Theodore Bikel

Motivation/Daily Application of the Quote:

Whether in your family, workplace or in government, you would have one form of power or the other. It is easy to abuse power or use it to oppress others. However, if you replay the quote before you daily (especially the last part...moral choice must always accompany the use of power), it would help you to use power only in a morally acceptable manner. Motivational quotes are powerful in pointing us to the right direction daily.

2. "Don't entrust power without putting a check" - John Adams

Motivation/Daily Application of the Quote:

The abuse of power is inevitable when there is no check put in place by the person who entrusted the power. So, whenever and wherever you are in the position to delegate power, ensure that you spell out the boundaries that must not be exceeded and how the power should be used. 

Often times, when people use power wrongly, the blame goes back to the person or persons who entrusted the power in their hands. This quote is worth replaying in our minds each day - it's a great way to kickstart your life to delegate power rightly.

3. "Always, the jaws of power are opened to devour; and if possible, its arms are always stretched out to destroy freedom of speech and thought and writings" - John Adams

Motivation/Daily Application of the Quote:

This leads us to another quote that says 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'. This life quote still points to one thing 'power should be entrusted with check'; if not, the freedom and rights of the subjects would be in jeopardy

4. "A friend in power is a friend lost" - Henry Brooks Adams

Motivation/Daily Application of the Quote:

Power intoxicates - as a result, it is easy to lose a friend who in power. When it happens, do not moan, try and move on. This motivational quote is intended to prepare your heart in the event that your friend in power starts behaving otherwise. Also, you can determine not to lose your friends when you get to power.

5. "Whatever takes you to the Top has to Sustain You when You Get to the Top" - Tunde Bakare

Motivation/Daily Application of the Quote:

If you seek power by all means, you would need 'all means' to sustain the power. But, if you allow the cause of nature or God Himself to take you to the top, you would not struggle to stay on top, God himself would sustain you while you are on top.

These life quotes would give you a new direction to the use of power when you explore and apply them to your daily living.

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