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A Troubleshooting Guide For Fluorescent Tubes

By Eloise Norman

Fluorescent tubes are lighting fixtures that the person always have in his house. This is one of those things that are not easy to replace. It will take some trouble before he can completely troubleshoot the said item. While they do last a bit longer compared to others and are more energy sufficient, it can be a little bit tricky for one to own.

It will surely be to his benefit if he knows some repair tips for the said matter. Without proper repairs and maintenance, the lighting fixture will surely not last him for a long time. To avoid such thing from happening, knowing more about he can optimize the use of the said fixture is the best for him. Here are several tips that he might find useful.

For the first example, the person has to pay attention to those fixtures which are constantly blinking on and off. Such a situation is usually caused by the tube showing signs of wear. If this is the case, he should clean the terminals by rotating the tube. He should check for any loose wires and reconnect them too.

There are also those times when the lighting fixture is hard to start. This one is most likely caused by a defective starter. This is all the more applicable if the fixture is an older one. If this is the case, then he just needs to replace its started with another one having the same rating.

There are those times when the light will swirl or flicker. The cause for that can either be the tube being new or when the temperature drops considerably. For the first reason, it is best for him to leave the tube lighted for several hours to stabilize it. For the second reason, install low temperature fixtures in cold places.

He might also come to notice that his tube ends are blackened. If this is the case, then he should prepare to replace the bulb. This is the only choice left for him so he should be prepared for it. There are lots of replacement bulbs around that he can make use of these days.

For those instances when the said lighting fixture hums and vibrates, the only reason for such a thing to happen is when the ballast is short-circuiting. There might be times when it is caused by loose mounting screws or parts, though. To troubleshoot such a problem, all he has to do is to tighten the said loose parts.

He should think about how to conserve power. If he can ensure this, then he should be able to lengthen the time for the bulb's life. There are other tips that he can follow to troubleshoot the faulty bulbs properly. He should be able to find one solution suitable for the problem that he is currently facing.

Always think about the price of the materials that he will be paying for. All of these have an impact on the budget. He has to make sure that he is still within the budget since going over it will only cause him some financial difficulties. All the person has to do is to pick the ones with quality but with a good price for the repairs or maintenance of the fluorescent tubes.

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