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The Pros and Cons of Common Stump Removal Strategies

By Lonnie Shamblin

After you have had your tree cut down, you may most like now need a stump removal job. However , there are householders who would prefer to forgo any stump removal procedure and just leave things as is. Not merely will this spare them the extra cost; their soil may not be disrupted anymore. On the other hand, stumps can get in the way of landscaping and home renovations. Additionally , it can be a blemish in your otherwise wonderful garden of flowers and greeneries.


Poisoning will be the perfect option for stump removal is there's still a massive possibility that the stump will re-grow new shoots. Common tree stumps that are given this kind of treatment are Willows, Poplars, and Sycamores. An herbicide will simply be applied either on top of the freshly cut stump or poured into holes that were drilled. This is among the least expensive options to remove stumps. With this procedure, re-growth should be low but the stump will stay in place.


With this method, the stump will be dug out manually with the use of a trowel or spade. This is the most feasible option if there are close by pipes and cables that could be damaged when other methods are utilized. Probably the sole drawback with this option is that it is extraordinarily thorough. Unless you've got the required brawns to do that job, you're better off leaving the stump removal job to the execs.


Stump grinding is the most well liked option that's selected by many homeowners. This is believed to be the quickest and most inexpensive system for stump removal. This , however , has its share of drawbacks. This may not be possible if the machine can not enter the property because of space restrictions. If there are pipes or wires near the stump, grinding will not be the best choice. Additionally , paving slabs may have to be removed so the grinder can access the stump.

Before deciding on the process to utilise, assess the final condition as well as the encircling property of the stump first. This assures that you're going to be in a position to choose the most fitting stump removal system.

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