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Why Workplace Giving Matters To Millennials

By Sebastian Troup

It is not only by writing checks but more importantly by playing the part of a worker in programs and activities aiming to give back to communities that the Millennial generation is rapidly becoming well known. It makes sense indeed that they are after more than just their paychecks. Getting engaged, doing meaningful work and making a difference is what Generation Y wants. Through their jobs, they become actively involved in corporate workplace giving programs.

This next generation of employees, being generation Y includes about 80 million of the Millennials. When the next decade approaches its end, they are those who will comprise about 50% of the workforce. The question is how can you entice them into becoming happy and productive employees while at the same time affect corporate philanthropy?

In order to work together with this socially-aware generation, your corporate giving program needs to:

Inventiveness: It is but right that "hipster" as a term, was born together with the Millennials. This is the generation who likes being part of a trend and they are cool. Present them with old-fashioned corporate giving programs and they will think it is stale and outdated. Try to check out new and modern ideas wherein it enables the goals and strategies of your company can be realized another way. Create a more interesting workplace giving campaign by way of thinking beyond the conventional.

Utilize Technology: Most Millennials grew up with at least one computer in their home, so they are connected and have high standards for technology. Your workplace giving technology should be easy and quick to navigate.

An Offer of Range: Note that Millennials equate high value to "choices." Be sure you can offer a wide range in terms of the charitable choices which also include causes that are highly relevant for them to champion. It is sure that this generation relates to having options.

Directing on Communication: Lots of information needs to be accessed to and enable sharing - these are important for the Millennials. This then calls for your workplace giving programs to be those allowing workers to connect, recommend ad disclose contributions in however way they can. Make sure you give them updates and allow them to share their targets and accomplishments with others in their network.

An Emphasis on Volunteerism: One more thing Millennials need to know is that they are making a difference. They are most likely to get involved in face-to-face voluntary opportunities than give money to charity as revealed by research. To lead and create a mark in history is what they aim for therefore give emphasis on volunteer opportunities for them to stand out.

By understanding how Millennials think and work, you can customize your workplace giving program to mind the generational gap and provide an interesting solution that this group of future corporate philanthropists can get behind.

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