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News For Tess Adams Loyal Fans

By Essie Osborn

Despite the popularity of all things electronic, reading is still a very popular way to pass the time. Each year many millions of books are sold all over the world. These range from spy thrillers to historical drama. One of the newer genres to hit the market in the past few years is paranormal romance. This type of book combines two of the most popular types of storyline and really grabs the readers interest.

There is so much more to anyone that those few sentences on the dust jacket of their latest book. Tess Adams is no exception and her loyal readers are keen to know more. They are interested in finding out what motivates her and where the story lines and characters come from.

Several of the books form the Dragons Heat series which has met with much acclaim. The readers cannot wait for the next installment in the series to hit the shelves. The characters are so engaging and the paranormal backdrop creates the perfect combination of mesmerizing fear and thrilling seduction. Readers will often pre order the latest book just to have it as quickly as possible.

Adams blog is a great place to learn all about the author herself. She makes an incredible effort to keep her fans up to date with all the latest happenings in her life, both personally and professionally. Visitors can leave comments and let her know what they thought of the book. Many people really love to be able to have this type of connection with their favorite author.

Blogging is one of the best ways of staying connected. Tess's loyal fans follow her blog as a way to keep up to date with all her work and personal life. She is very good about sharing lots of great news with her fans, such as the dates of her writing workshops, updates on the progress of the latest book and even details of her busy home life.

She also runs writing workshops that are very well attended. Those who have always wanted to try their hand at fiction can sign up and give writing a serious try. Those who attend are often amazed by how quickly their ideas flow onto paper with just a little professional help and guidance. Working with a real author can have a truly inspirational effect that is just the catalyst that many people need to set them on the road to publication.

The blog is also a great way to follow Adams life and career. In addition all the latest news, she also offers fun contests for her readers. They may also want to check out all the titles that are available and even place an on line order. Books can be shipped anywhere in the country or even internationally.

Adams is happily married with three sons. They keep her constantly busy but she still finds time to blog about the latest happenings at home. This helps to forge a real connection between her and the fans. She likes to show them that she really appreciates them. Having such a loyal following is the biggest compliment an author can receive.

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