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See How You Can Manifest Your Dreams Today

By Susie Pointly

If God and Angels are genuine, why do not we notice them answer whenever we ask for help? Being a funnel for Angels, I do know they give us replies. Though we haven't been properly trained, we still want replies we can see and hear. We live on earth, the place where everything is in contrast. If you're white, then I am black.

What you and I can't realize, since we are in-line in the physical, is there is a larger non-physical world. We could only imagine. Quantum physicists state that our DNA, the script that decides our look and our body's physiological responses, is programmed to tackle our physical and spiritual aspects. Only 5 percent concentrates on our physical body and 95% on our religious or non-physical portion.

What if every little thing we were educated is a partial fact and there's much more to find out? And let's say what we learn could show us that though we believe we have little control over our life, we have a lot. Nevertheless, it's a Higher Being who really manifests. We just reside in this space called earth. The next time you ask for the things you want, try "this or something better," or "for the greatest good of all involved."

After you voice your objectives to God, Angels, or to whoever you look up to, you must then take action. You won't go a long way if you just ask but you do not keep moving. It is not correct to continue asking and not doing anything. The smartest thing you could do is act like you're already expecting something to come. You must leave the couch, turn off the television, and move, all the while permitting the Universe to guide you.

The next thing you ought to do is feel that whatever you badly want to have is already with you. You should then imagine a perfect picture. If you are depressed while you are envisioning, don't count on anything good to happen. You must feel it, accept it, know it is already accomplished while moving forward pursuing your dream. You should feel the excitement of dwelling with what you've been requesting to happen.

The very last thing you ought to do is write or convey vocally your goals and act like you have already attained what you desire. Just in case you do not get what you want even though you were patient, maybe the timing is not yet perfect or it is not for the betterment of most individuals involved or you're set to learn a vital lesson from it. Don't worry too much. The perfect time will just come.

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