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Get Employed By Owners Of The Companies That Are Dominating The Environmental Sector

By George Dodson

You are one of those students who have graduated recently and are willing to join in any company that is working on the sector related to environment. Now what is your plan? Getting a job is not going to be easy even though 44% percent of employers are planning to hire new employees for their companies and another 14% of total employees are leaving the field for good.

To make an easier transition, we have grouped together few tips to get employed in the sector of environment.

Research done by Canada's 2010 Profile of Canadian Environmental Employment shows that, new graduates are going to be hired depending on the social network activities and the connections with the present workers. 44% of the employers are more likely to hire employees from internal connections and other 65% like to hire through references available, as these are the most popular and easier way of hiring. So it is pretty much clear that you must have good relation with people who are currently working on environmental sector, but in which way can you make a connection with them? To become a known face in the environmental industry, you are provided with a great opportunity by the system of networking. As many conferences are being attended by professionals all over the country throughout the year, you can take the chance of meeting them and getting better idea about the sector.

Connecting with professionals is easier when you are involved with any association which works on environmental issues and provided you with a forum so that you can make your own network. You may get an offer with discount from associations if you are a post-secondary student.

Canadian Environmental Employment has developed a profile which reflects the importance of internship and co-operative activities to get hired. You can participate in those programs to get better idea about the environmental field and to show your passion for working in this sector even without any long term commitment and in this way employer can decide how you are going to be as an employee. After getting some experience in this field, you can start connecting with professionals and this will increases the chances of you getting hired for long term.

ECO Canada also provides few programs related to environment and helps the fresh graduates to make connections with the professionals along with annual payment of around $12,000. The program inspires companies working in the field of environment to hire new interns at a lower cost and in this way it influence the increment of chance of a graduates being hired.

If you are a school going student and willing to get experience before your graduation, you are highly recommended to talk to your career center for getting involved in any co-operative program. In co-op programs you get the chances of continuing both work and school simultaneously, which is not similar to the internship program.

Till now an attractive and well written resume has been enough for you to get hired by a company. Touch of green is needed in your resume to get hired in this sector.

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