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Use Of A Self Hypnosis Video Can Rid You Of Bad Habits

By Michael Corrano

The many videos teaching self-hypnosis can be effective. Everyone is capable of using them. Hypnosis is only successful when the subject allows it to be. One Self Hypnosis Video describes how each person goes through a trance state before falling asleep and again when he or she wakes up the next morning.

Anything can be learned by repeating it over and over. The deep relaxation can be brought about through self-hypnosis. It enables you to relax until all stress leaves the body.

A large number of afflictions can be resolved. Some examples are headaches, insomnia, depression and pain management. It can begin with counting up to one hundred. Some people open and close their eyes as they count.

Each individual relaxes long before the number one hundred is reached. The ability to concentrate can be acquired this way. Emotional problems and deeply buried experiences can be resolved through hypnosis.

Seeing a certified hypnotherapist will give anyone a solid basis from which to start. Select someone with professional certification following an education in psychology or social work. That way you can be certain he or she is qualified.

Someone without an education in psychology cannot understand the ramifications of hypnosis. Someone turning to this technique for help with an emotional problem could be harmed rather than helped by it. Self-hypnosis to quit smoking or lose weight is not going to cause any problems, however.

Under hypnosis you are not unconscious. You are relaxed so completely that your mind can focus on the topic you are hoping to improve, such as giving up smoking, for example. Plan the topic beforehand so you can have a phrase ready to repeat. One example is saying that cigarette smoke makes you feel sick, if you want to stop smoking.

While in the state of deep relaxation, repeat that thought over and over. Concentrate on your slow breathing, closing your mind to all other thoughts. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly until you feel your entire body relax.

There is no one correct way to practice self-hypnosis. It is a matter of trying a few ways and sticking to the one that works best. Relaxation and repetition are key.

Use a video that has a pleasant sounding voice. As you listen intently, you will learn to relax slowly and calmly. Repeat the thing you hope to achieve, such as seeing yourself twenty pounds thinner.

It may be repeating a sentence about how unappealing junk food is to you. Breathe in and out slowly as you say that over and over. You can then retain that attitude after coming out of the trance state.

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