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Manifest Your Dreams Today

By Steven Jones

Haven't we ever pondered why we do not acquire replies when we ask for assistance from God or Angels if they genuinely exist? As a funnel for Angels, I'm sure they provide us answers. The predicament is we anticipate to hear or see an answer through our physical eyes and ears when we have had no training. We dwell on earth, the place where things are in contrast. If you're white, I am black.

We are not cognizant of the presence of a bigger world that does not concentrate on the physical since we are concentrating too much on the things we perceive. We just utilize our mind. Our quantum physicists explain that our DNA, (which I was trained to think was the script for the way we appear and the way our body behaves physically,) includes encoding of which 5% or less handles our physical body and the other 95% relates to our religious (non-physical) portion of us.

Whenever asking, ask like it has happened already. We don't want to wait around. We want answers now. We sometimes think that we are requesting simple things and we fail to remember that everything occurs for a valid reason. Maybe there is an important reason why we are going through these things right now. What if what seems to be our big loss, regardless of whether it is an occupation, a partner or the death of somebody we love very much, is in fact a positive? What if our suffering will thrust us to perform far better? Or to open to our power? Or to learn how to let it go? Or aid other individuals? Or ourselves? Or just to simply turn an emotional corner? What if we lose those who are very important to us since they have already served their goal in this earth?

What if everything we were shown is a partial truth and there's a lot more to learn? And what if we will discover that we actually have control over our lives. However, we're not The One who manifests. We simply keep the space. The next occasion you ask for what you desire, try "this or anything better," or "for the highest good of all concerned."

Immediately after you reveal your intentions to a Supreme Being whether it is God, Angels, or anyone who you praise, it is time to do something about your desires. The lack of bodily action, in spite of all your intentions, will not take you anyplace. It's not good enough to request what you want without going for it. You must expect and act as if you already have what you are expecting. Stop being a couch potato. Get off the couch and the Universe must only be your guide.

The next phase is to express today what you want as if it has already happened while believing in every single pore that what you desire is yours. After this you visualize a complete picture. Stay positive when utilizing your thoughts. You need to feel it, accept it, understand it is already completed while moving forward pursuing your aspiration. You need to feel the excitement of living with what you've been asking to happen.

The last thing you need to do is write or convey vocally your goals and behave like you've already achieved what you want. In case you do not get what you would like even though you were patient, possibly the timing is not yet perfect or it is not for the betterment of the majority of people concerned or you are set to learn an important lesson from it. Do not concern yourself very much. The perfect time will merely come.

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