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There Is Group Support For Sex Addiction In Most Areas

By Nelda Powers

A sex addiction is defined as being similar to an addiction to alcohol, drugs or food. There is group support for sex addiction just as there is for alcoholics. The sexual addict should not be confused with the sexual deviant who has a compulsion for an abnormal and often illegal sexual practice.

The sex addict seeks an excessive amount of encounters. They are, however, considered by most people to be normal encounters. The problem lies in the fact that he or she is continuously seeking a partner for intercourse more times a day or week than is normal. Deviant behaviors include pedophilia and exhibitionism, which are illegal.

An addiction can be to internet porn as well as to in-person sexual encounters. It can be a daily or twice daily obsession, however, the actual sex acts fall within what is considered normal. It is only the frequency that is not. It is the inability to limit the frequency that is problematic.

The symptoms of an addiction include the need for ever increasing levels of intensity to achieve satisfaction, spending too much time having sex to the extent that it blocks other activity and feeling withdrawal symptoms if sexual gratification is not frequent enough. Prior to group therapy, a medical doctor should be seen to rule out any physical condition that may be causing the intense need for sex.

Other conditions may exacerbate the problem. Some that may occur are depression, panic disorder or anxiety disorder. A care plan should acknowledge and deal with these as well as the addiction. Each support session may be held under the direction of a social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist.

A recovering addict makes a good choice for leadership too. If a support group aided his or her recovery, that will be especially true. Sharing in the experiences of others is supportive because they are similar.

A support group is intended to be anonymous, much like alcoholics anonymous operates. Members share feelings and problems without fear of being judged by other members. Everyone is on a first name basis.

A triggering event can accelerate the addiction. This can consist of a sound, a scent or a sight. What needs to happen is for the addict to learn to avoid the triggers. The goal is to recognize those triggers and plan how to avoid them.

A distribution of meeting places exist around the country ready to help the individual who is sexually obsessed. A psychiatrist may conduct the sessions as a part of therapy. A recovering addict may be in the leadership position due to his or her personal experience. Either style should endeavor to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed enough to share their feelings and experiences.

There are all male meetings and all female meetings. Many are open to both genders. In addition, there are meetings for the spouses or partners of the afflicted person. When these family members get together they can discuss mutual problems in dealing with the addicted partner.

There are a high number of sexual fanatics who begin by watching porn on the internet. In some cases, partners watch the videos together. But, when only one is spending a lot of time on the internet, it detracts from the real-life relationship. Recovery can be propelled by participation in the available group support for sex addiction. Learning about the experiences of others seems to be of comfort.

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