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The Important Role Played By A Substance Abuse Counselor Pasadena

By Harriett Crosby

People who are suffering from problems related to substance abuse can utilize the services of substance abuse counselors. Substance abuse can cause several types of addiction including drug addition, alcoholism and addiction to pain relievers among other substances. In these cases, counseling has been found to be an effective remedial measure. Addicts usually deal with negative legal and personal aftereffects. However, by holding counseling sessions with a substance abuse counselor Pasadena inhabitants can achieve quick and sustainable recovery.

After you visit the practice of a counselor, he or she will evaluate your mental and physical health as well as your openness towards getting treated. This professional will then help you identify any behaviors that can interfere with your recovery process after he or she develops a treatment plan. A counselor can also recommend various treatment options to your relatives and help them strategize on how your addiction problem can be solved.

Substance abuse counseling combines pharmacological and behavioral treatment. Counselors may offer their services in hospitals, research facilities, private practice clinics, education centers, detention centers, drug rehab centers and detoxification centers. They seek to find the root cause of addiction and help patients recover gradually.

Counselors develop an individual plan for their patients depending on the underlying cause of addiction. Treatment for drug addiction can include a combination of contingency management, motivational interviewing, family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Counseling gently helps patients acknowledge the reality of how abusing substances affects their lives and those of people around them.

Counselors also help patients also realize that their cases are not unique. Counseling provides strong support and opens up opportunities for patients to confront their situations instead of denying the problem or blaming others as they try to rationalize their behavior. It helps them identify their addiction related behavioral patterns and confront emotional and behavioral issues that they be hindering their progress. Some sessions are easier than others but progress comes with each counseling session.

The other key role that counselors play is working with the family of a substance abuser as he or she goes through treatment. They educate the relatives of the patient about treatment, drugs and the progress their loved one is making. According to studies completed on drug addiction treatment, family bonding programs are very effective with drug addicts because they provide family members with preventative education and promote a healthy home life.

It is possible that an addict might need additional healthcare or treatment for mental illness. The counselor helps family members arrange such additional treatments. Counselors can consult psychologists or psychiatrists, if they feel that the addition problem is caused by some underlying mental condition. They refer the patients to such specialists for relevant treatment if necessary. They can also recommend that a patient stays at an in patient residential center if it is found that such a treatment strategy would work best for him or her.

Counselors always seek to make treatment decisions that will help a patient recover. Their services play an important role in helping patients recover psychologically. After they consult with a substance abuse counselor Pasadena dwellers can find higher meanings in their lives, improve their relationships and live as productive citizens.

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