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Directing Employee Recruitment Via Corporate Giving Programs

By Sebastian Troup

What comes as a challenging accomplishment for today's workforce is perhaps that ability to balance earning for their living in a rather changeable economy along with yearning to do good in order that working gives them meaning that can go beyond the offer of a paycheck.

Employers are likewise balancing priorities: While maintaining a sustainable level of profit is as important as ever for business growth and prosperity, public and business leaders alike feel that companies have a moral obligation to give back to the communities that create their profit.

The good thing is that such goals are not limited to just themselves. Both acts can actually complement one another through that leveraging of power via corporate giving programs wherein it is found effective in causing employee recruitment.

Today's workforce reveals to have different priorities as opposed to the ones in the past, according to the studies. Instead of fixing their eyes on how to earn the highest salary or how to have the best benefits package, they are also looking into the kind of workplace culture before they apply for any company. Workers are now interested in knowing the level of autonomy and empowerment which they can be with in case they join the company's workforce as well as whether the company's mission and values jive with theirs.

Keeping those factors in consideration, know that most job seekers today especially Millennials recently out of college with really desired technical knowledge are found to forego slightly higher pays to be with a company who demonstrates social activeness along with the commitment to causes they are passionate about.

A healthy employee volunteer program that provides paid time off to volunteer for causes in the local community can be very attractive to a potential employee who is already committed to volunteering or charitable giving in some way.

Offering employees the chance to participate in a charitable payroll deduction system can be an excellent option for those who want to give, but simply don't have a great deal of free time that they can devote to a charitable cause. In this way, they can donate easily and not have to worry about writing out checks or filling out forms.

No matter what amount of corporate giving there is in your company, compensation packages still need to be based on the norms of the industry. However in the case of an organization with an offer for competitive salary together with benefits package, it is possible to define a strong difference factor using strong and strategic corporate charity programs intensely involving the workforce.

A company with such a positive reputation tends to attract the attention of more potential employees, giving the company ample opportunity to choose the best and brightest available. Cause marketing attracts more customers as the company's positive reputation spreads via online media and word-of-mouth.

A company committed to a long term corporate giving program that involves its employees will also enjoy a much higher level of employee engagement, increasing productivity and profitability while boosting morale.

If a company is able to have a culture of philanthropy, this comes as a highly preferred environment amongst new recruits as they can join and start immediately with committing to the organization which they will see from those who have been there long before them. This appears to be self-replicating and of a synergistic pattern proving to only grow more powerful through time.

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