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How Weird National Holidays Are Invented

By Susan Dawson

Many people all over the world love to have a good time. Celebrations are one of the avenues that people use to have fun. As a result of different traditions, people had marked their calendar with days to celebrate events. Some of these events are shared among many around the world while some are only shared in certain areas. Among the many celebrations that are had been formed there are some weird national holidays.

There are so many celebrations that are not common within many people but are celebrated by people. Some of the strange celebration days are picnic, punctuation, Bermuda, melon, Korean alphabet, and rain day. These are just to name a few around the world. Some of these days may not be marked in calendars of many countries; however, they are important in other areas.

It is possible for a person to form their own day that is strange among the people; it just has to be a legal celebration. To make a day formal in an area, a person should approach the body in the government that offers authorization for the formation of these celebrations. Another body that can be approached is the United Nations; they can offer assistance that is within their scope. The application should be in accordance to the laws.

Another way is inventing the holiday and getting support from friends, colleagues and family. One can also form a supportive network on social media and be able to gain followers who are ready to celebrate the day with the individuals. One can get sponsors who agree on the idea and financially support ones efforts.

Depending on the nature of the celebration parties may opt for petitioning. This is especially helpful when there is resistance from other people. This method is used to convince the people who are not in support that there are other people who are for the idea. The convincing can be done through the collection of signature of people who approve and forwarding of support emails.

People can start commemorating a day by making a simple act of starting it by their own. People can start celebrating and over time keep having anniversaries. It is advisable to record the events of the day for remembrance. By record, a group can be able to share the events and get support from other people. A person should be very clear to other people about the importance of the day.

There are many reasons behind many celebrations. People have their own unique reasons and opinions which need to be respected while staring these commemoration days. People may not want to forget a certain event or people hence start these anniversaries. A simple reason behind the formation of these strange celebrations is with the intention of having a good time.

The world has many weird national holidays. These days can be seen in some calendars and through the internet. A person may not even be aware of all the celebrations because of the different cultures around the world. However strange they may be other people can always join in the celebration.

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