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Why Cause Marketing Matters To Your Customers

By Sebastian Troup

Deciding on which company to transact with was relatively easy in the past. Because there were not so many brands available, you can decide which company to conduct business with by selecting the establishment more convenient for you or the one who has been around for quite some time now. But with the changes in technology that eliminated the transportation and communication boundaries, people have begun to see how new companies can compete against preceding businesses. Picking a company has become tedious all of a sudden.

In today's ever-changing business environment, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to differentiate themselves in the eyes of the consumer. But it's not impossible. One differentiating factor that has grown in importance in recent years is a company's attitude towards social responsibility. Consumers truly do care about what a company does to make the world a better place.

This gave rise to the cause marketing movement wherein businesses share their social programs such as supporting for a charity with the purpose of captivating customers. Many companies have adopted such strategy one might think why has it become important to consumers?

Believe it or not, there are people out there who view businessmen as greedy and mean people taking money off of ordinary persons without any sign of concern towards that person. Another dismal reality is that there are a few business people whose crooked ways add more damage. This kind of thinking has led several consumers to believe that businesses exist only to make money and in return, do not trust them.

As a business, one way of dispelling this kind of thinking is by actively promoting your volunteering campaigns and other humanistic activities that helps the less fortunate. When done properly, giant corporations won't appear selfish and greedy.

A significant number of your customers may not be in a position financially to give much if anything to charity, even though they would like to do so. Many of them know loved ones or friends who can directly benefit from the efforts of non-profit organizations and research funds that they would like to support somehow.

Your company's philanthropic program is a way of empowering your customers by acting as a medium for them to help others. When you inform them that part of your profits are being shared to a good cause they also want to support, they see every transaction done with you as a way to give back while still getting something they need. This gives them a good excuse to choose your company over other businesses.

To inform people about your giving projects, this should be included in your overall marketing plan. You will be surprised on how social consciousness can impact your marketing.

In so doing, you broaden the horizons of your customers, opening their eyes to opportunities to do good that they may not have come across on their own. There is a strong sense of gratitude created when the right person meets the right cause, and your company can be the catalyst for that meeting.

That way, the focus is on the cause, not the company. The cause gets the support they need, the customer feels good about their purchase, your company gains a loyal customer, and everybody wins.

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