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A Brief Guide To Self Realization Actualization

By Kelly Wood

The artist Vincent Van Gogh once said that the hardest thing to do other than paint yourself is to know yourself. Given his troubled background this is a fair reflection. However equally he managed to produce some great art. While nobody would wish people to suffer in order to produce art through Self Realization Actualization it is possible to tap into that inner artist or whatever you want to be.

Ambitions do not necessarily have to be restricted to the economic. While a lot of people go through this process in order to achieve business goals in their career in the short and long term this may not necessarily be the only area in your life that you can improve during this process. Ultimately it is about progressing in a number of areas in your life.

This is not just about coaching. It is about finding the answers for yourself and developing your own motivation rather than getting someone to try and coax motivation out of you. Ultimately even the best advice from the best coaches can only be as good as the people following it.

Sometimes this can come from subconscious beliefs that have been developing in our minds over a long period of time. We may not realize it but friends, teachers, parents and coworkers can all affect how we perceive ourselves and for better or worse the messages they give us stay. This can be both positive and negative in equal measure. Even the most well meaning people can affect you negatively and often they may not know they are doing it. Equally some people can react positively to negative reactions in order to prove themselves.

Self realization actualization is about recognizing the flaws in ourselves and addressing them. A lot of the time these fundamental lies might be the things that stop a person applying for a job, asking someone on a date or taking up a sport. In their mind the person thinks they cannot do it and so they do not try.

Part of this is about flexibility and not sticking to one particular perspective. It is about learning new skills and knowledge and applying it to your personal circumstances. You can also benefit from being aware that there are various perspectives and that there are a number of paths. However awareness also means that you know when people are lying or exaggerating.

This does not mean that stress will go away or that you will never have problems. No responsible coach or speaker should offer this as it is simply not possible. The path of self realization is about being aware of the problems around you and how you react to them. Over time you will become more sensitive to your reactions and adapt more easily.

There are a number of coaches and courses that offer Self Realization Actualization. It is worth looking online for reviews and feedback from people who have used these services before as this will make it easier to narrow down the options. This will help you to find the best people to guide you and help you achieve your goals.

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