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The Keys To An Effective Catholic Evangelization

By Kate McMahon

How do you want the Catholic evangelization to be, people will mostly want it to be effective and to touch their hearts and minds. The success of this activity will depend on God. No one can read His mind but everything will matter because of Him. Read the following for you to have an idea how exactly to make it an effective for everyone.

First is by having personal relationship with the Almighty. This is the initial step. It will start first and foremost with the kind of relationship you are building with Him. This must not be overlooked as some are doing. This is the foundation as it will be very difficult and different when you are not close to your Savior. Get to know Him as a father, friend that is the best among all.

Next is your personal relationship with the church. This is quite related to the first one but is considered as another side. You must unite yourself with the people of God through it. The church is the representation of His teachings. The union of man and woman with God is made possible through the it. Your life is deeply motivated with deep love.

Live a good life. If you think you are not doing it then start it right now. Leave all your bad habits and start renewing your soul. Live with deep sense of morality and love of God. Do not mind all the unworthiness of the leaders you have. You must not depend on them, it belongs and depends to God who is the Creator.

A different attitude, response and emotion must be carried by these leaders. The church is teaching about the avoidance of sins and for the people to totally grasp its meaning they will look back to their leaders as their common models of righteousness. They must practice what they are preaching as the most common line referred especially to the church leaders.

Pray and pray more earnestly. It will give you life. Prayer will heal every bad feeling you have. It will comfort you, talk to Him like there is not barrier. No one can prevent you from talking to God only if you put your mind and heart to Him. Trust Him, you know how powerful He is. He can help you in all ways.

Read your bible if you have one. It is the greatest treasure that you have. Do not take it for granted. You have for the purpose of reading it. Know the words of God and reflect every passage of the bible. Many believe that everything is in there so one must not find for any other doctrines, just the bible and everything is provided.

Help your fellowmen in any way you can. You can do so by praying for them, talking to them or even listening when they are sad and depressed. It is one way of helping your sisters and brothers. Life is not a matter of earning money for yourself, it is how you take care of the relationship you have.

These are just some of the most important points that must be practiced to have a good Catholic evangelization. By practicing these, you will come up with the best in life and the best evangelism that you are dreaming of with your fellowmen. It talks mainly about a thing which is change.

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