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How To Approach A Woman On The Street

By J. Ryu

You're walking down the road, minding your very own business, then there it is, an extremely adorable girl walking along staring at her iphone. You're convinced she is your dream girl and possible future girlfriend and if you let her walk on and away from your life, you'll be missing out on the chance of a lifetime. What exactly should you do? What can you do?

Arguably, approaching a girl cold, off the street is one of the hardest pickups to do. A girl on the street feels open and vulnerable so if a strange guy walks up, her guard will be up. Have you ever before had a complete stranger come up to you on the street? Feels strange doesn't it? Then should you give up and let her walk out of your life? Hell no !

1. Eye contact

As soon as you see "the one," take action! A street approach has to feel spontaneous to the woman, not like a rehearsed canned pick up or they will feel uncomfortable. Make eye contact as soon as possible and keep your eyes locked, too, so she knows that it wasn't just chance that your eyes met.

As soon as eye contact is made, make certain she knows you are trying to get her attention. Wave, nod, something obviously attention getting. You want to establish contact before your approach which helps the woman prepare mentally for a stranger coming up them.

2. Open Body Language

Upon approach, wear an innocent smile! A smile is welcoming, contagious, communicates openness and innocence and will effectively lower her guard. Also, use open body language! Ensure your body language is not confrontational and direct but responding to her reactions towards you.

Incorporate hand gestures into your conversation. This will not only help her to follow your conversation if you're somewhere loud, but it will also keep her attention on you. On the street, it will be simple for her to get distracted, especially if she wasn't completely convinced it was worth stopping to talk.

Use your hands to keep her eyes focused on you. Using your hands will also display confidence. Don't keep them in your pockets with your shoulders slouched. You know what you want and you think she'll want it too. Make that Clear.

3. The Game

On a street approach you want to keep your lines and conversation light, innocent, and relaxed. The strategy in a street pickup is to drop her raised guard. This is done by you communicating a relaxed, casual, innocent vibe. You also want to introduce yourself and exactly what you're up to as quickly as you're in so you're not a complete stranger to her. No canned pickup lines in street approaches under any conditions!

A busy woman on the road has somewhere to go so you need to be bold and sweet. Don't run after her, your eye contact and waving ought to be bold enough to encourage her to stop. From there, you know exactly what to do. Flirt, compliment, engage. Make her co curious about you that she would like to know more.

Don't get too flirty too quick, keep in mind that you just met on the road and you don't even know if she's single, however if her body language is exclaiming "yes," go on and ask for an opportunity to see her again. Stopping someone on the street is a little creepy if you don't handle yourself correctly. The trick is getting her attention then letting her know how innocent and honest your intentions are.

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