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Why Online American Accent Training Is A Great Deal

By Sherri Summers

Many companies have relocated customer service centers in countries outside the United States. This has created a demand for American accent training. Sophisticated online web-based language instructional programs are a low-cost effective way to teach call center staff to sound like native born English speakers. This is a cost effective way to improve customer service. The benefits will increase the bottom line because of increased customer satisfaction.

This type of instruction is different from learning a new language from scratch. What needs to taught is intonation, pronunciation, word connections, and vernacular or slang. This type of learning process is not about memorizing vocabulary or grammar rules. Instead, it is programming the language centers of the brain to master the rhythms of the English language as it is spoken in the United States. Neuroscience has made a huge contribution to how people can learn to speak a language.

Studies have shown that most Americans are more comfortable speaking to someone who talks the way they do. This is especially true with customer service from a call center. It is unfortunate that people would be prejudiced against someone who does not speak like a native born citizen, but it is a reality that business must deal with. The good news is that there is a low cost solution to the problem.

For companies with foreign workers who must communicate with Americans often, the results garnered by instituting this instructional program will be tangible. There can be productivity gains and increased customer satisfaction. These results can add to the bottom line.

The goal is to instruct the student to talk in a way free of the idiosyncrasies of their native tongue. In other words, they are supposed to sound just a person who was born and raised in the United States. The internet web-based programs will have the student speaking just like an ordinary citizens who has lived in the U. S. All their life. Computers are powerful tools in language education.

The individual's speech patterns are analyzed by sophisticated computer software. Their individual speech patterns are identified and a program to modify them created. Innovated computer technology has made this possible. The instruction takes place on a subconscious level of the mind to literally reprogram the language centers.

Web-based internet learning is popular because it allows students to schedule their programs around work, family and school schedules. Pupils work at their pace. The price of this program is much less than taking a college course and it is more effective too. The latest computer assisted instruction equipment has become extremely sophisticated.

Increase the productivity of your foreign workers with American accent training. They will be more effective in their job. It will improve customer satisfaction. It can be done at a low cost. The ratio of costs to benefits makes it a wise thing to do. It will boost the effectiveness of operations.

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