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When They Made Me Cry I Quit Now I Travel

By Char Baez

They made me cry so I eventually left!

People frequently question me personally precisely what forced myself to pursue an automated business that I can run at home from anywhere in the world, working only 2-3 hours per day talking about what I love and making a living at it.

Well it all began when I was still at my 9-5 and the incredible tension I felt everyday as I entered into the building was crazy. I dread it every hour every minute I was there. The pressure to constantly preform at impossible quotas was causing me to loose hair! I was not the only one people would enter as drones and the stress I felt caused me to gain weight! Constantly threatened with being fired. Every day they would be packing up someone's desk humiliatingly escorting them out of the building. Every day I wondered would I be next.

It happened one day I was called into a small conference room and advised I would need a Union representative because the meeting would or could result in disciplinary action. My heart fell to my feet. Just about all I could believe about was the actual fact that I was a single mother with two boys and one off to college in the fall. What would I do if I was fired? They let me sit in that little cold room for more than 10 minutes alone until 3 managers and my Union representation sat me down at a conference table to talk about my performance. After a few hard to answer questions, there came the water works. Tears filled my eyes as the pressure erupted uncontrollably down my cheeks. I didn't want to cry, as a matter of fact I hadn't cried in over a year. First I was mad at myself and even apologized for my displayed emotion. I was angry that I let myself cry. As if I could help it. Then I became angry that they had placed the pressure on me to feel cornered to have that type of reaction. Well they allowed me a moment to compose myself and I did to continue the meeting. After all was said and done I had forgotten some mandatory questions or probing I needed to ask the customer so it led to an official warning. They didn't fire me that day.

After that day I went home and re hatched the days and previous month's circumstances and realized I had to do something about it or wait here until they eventually fire me. I decided to go all in my internet marketing business so I could finally live the life of my dreams, my dictating, and my decisions. I vowed never again would I let someone else have that much control over my life.

You see it's not only about the money but in a way it is about the freedom it brings. Now I can travel the world, I still work but only 2-3 hours day. With small efforts learned now my bank account overflows to where I can now really help my family and others in need.

If you are like me and feel the calling to set your soul free from the time oppressor called a job. If you are sick and tired of going to the plantation and having to ask for your freedom papers for a lousy two weeks a year to travel. If you are disgusted with the low wage they consider you are worth for your precious time and youth spent away from everyone you care and love. The Bondage that keeps you dreaming but never achieving. You are not alone, there is a way to the abundant life.

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