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Six Empowering Resources For You To Use Today

By Stacey Massey

How do you change your habits, consciousness, job, or lifestyle? Here are six empowering resources to get you started on your way to being awesome. Leo Babauta teaches you that you can form new habits, Henri Junttila shows you that you can work remotely for lifestyle independence, Pam Slim and Chris Guillebeau lay out paths to go from stuck in the cubicle to living the dream, and Ilchi Lee teaches you to master your mind.

Chris Guillebeau empowers people to challenge the norm and think independently through his blog The Art of Nonconformity. For Chris, one of the key ways to break away from the crowd is to work for yourself. To help people achieve that goal, he wrote the book The 100 Dollar Startup in 2012, available on Amazon. He sells his Unconventional Guides on his blog that help people travel hack or make money in art, writing, and business.

You may have heard of Valorie Burton on CNN, Oprah Radio, the Today Show, or the Dr. Oz Show. She is a self-development expert whose primary audience is women. She wrote Successful Women Think Differently: 9 Habits to Make You Healthier, Happier, and More Resilient to help women be intentionally active, solution oriented, and courageous. Valorie will empower you in business and your personal life.

When Ilchi Lee began teaching yoga and meditation decades ago, it was with the purpose of bringing awareness to the minds of people that everything is a choice. There is a connection between matter and consciousness; it is physics. He has dedicated his life to helping others master their brains in a system he calls Brain Education. Get an overview of his incredible work through the DVD he has produced with Neale Donald Walsch called Change: The Life Particle Effect.

On his website, WakeUpCloud, Henri Junttila invites you to empower yourself through creating a location independent lifestyle. He offers several courses through the Lifestyle Liberation Academy to help you get started making money online by following your passion. He teaches that your work life does not need to be separate from the rest of your life when you love what you do. His new book, Find Your Passion will help you get started.

Escape From Cubicle Nation, is the breakout book authored by Pam Slim, who shows you how to escape from your own work cubicle. Realizing that many people needed help in making the transition from employee to entrepreneur, she began offering training and coaching in the area. She empowers people to summon their courage and create an effective plan.

If success eludes you, maybe you just need to develop some new habits that will empower you. Leo Babauta empowers people with his blog Zen Habits where he shows you how to change habits that hold you back from being great. His new book, 52 Changes is his newest tool for your success. Join his membership class, The Habit Course, which helps you change one area of your life per month. Create a meaningful life that leaves you feeling satisfied.

With so many empowering resources available, you have the chance to be unstoppable. Decide what it is you need to change from your habits to your thinking, and get to work. Go forth and be amazing.

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