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Funny Sermon Illustrations Lighten Up Serious Preaching

By Myrtle Cash

The purpose of religion or any philosophy is to teach people the correct way of living their lives. But nobody really wants someone to teach them such things. And if they are forced to listen then they tend to lose interest very soon. Maybe this is why we see that a lot of people now use funny sermon illustrations.

It is true that life philosophies and religion are very complex and serious topics. It is quite a given that people who would talk about these themes would present their speech in a very serious manner. The speaker has to perform a dual task when they come before the audience. They need to impart knowledge about their topic and they also need to keep the listeners interested.

The listeners also find it difficult to concentrate for long on the speaker. They sit there hoping to find solutions to their problems, to ease their conscience or to just find some peace, but when they stop listening, all the efforts that you have put in choosing the topic and preparing the sermon who come to a null.

This is what actually brought about a change in the way sermons were given. Now, along with complex ideas and theological jargon, sermon givers make it a point to include a good and humorous anecdote or a good story related to the topic under discussion. I have read about such stories being shared on various topics such as marriage, love, friendship, prayer etc.

Ministers normally take up topics from our daily life. They try to give solutions to problems that we face on a day to day basis. And they do not tell us what our actions should be, but instead they tell us what kind of attitude we must have. When this type of guidance is combined with a funny incident, we find it easier to understand and relate to it. And in that way we see our problems in a different light.

Maybe you had a fight with your best friend and you stomped off angrily without hearing what she had to say. If you go to your mother and tell her about this you know you will have to hear a long lecture about how your attitude is wrong and you fight all the time and other such things.

One point where some people falter is using an anecdote simply to make a funny statement. It should be kept in mind that these funny stories are used to make a point and drive that point home. But if you start being funny just for the sake of making laugh, then that would be less of a sermon and more of a comic act.

I have also noticed that the speakers try not to make fun of other people in their sermons. I think this is a good way to share the teachings of our Lord. And I have to accept that funny sermon illustrations are more fun than your regular sermons.

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