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The Role Of Wooden Windows In Buildings

By Micheala Caldwell

Windows play a very important role in a building. They regulate air circulation between the inside and the outside and ensure that the environment remains fresh. They also have a huge aesthetic value that may either attract or put off potential buyers. Deciding on which material to use for either building or repairs is not an easy task. The main types are vinyl and wooden windows. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Price is, of course, an important factor to consider in making this decision. Buying and fixing wooden designs is more expensive than the cost for vinyl. The price for wood also depends on whether it is hardwood or softwood. A 36 by 54 inch double hung with insulated glass costs USD 270 if made of pine and USD if made of a hardwood such as mahogany. If the same is made of vinyl, it is much cheaper.

Other than the cost, there are other factors that may make one choose wood over vinyl. Wood is a better insulator than vinyl. This is an important factor especially in areas that experience adverse weather conditions. In such areas, it is necessary to prevent loss of heat during cold winters and to prevent excessively high temperatures in summer. Most designs come with weather stripping which makes them suitable for this function.

When making a replacement, the theme of the house is an important consideration. Wood provides a wide range of options to the home owner. The window can be painted into different colours to fit into the pre-existing theme. Vinyl is restricted to only three colours that include white, bronze and tan thus the options are a bit limited here.

The main disadvantage of wood is the relatively high cost. The cost may be even higher if one wants to replace an old window with a new one that will fit in just right. Cleaning may also prove quite challenging. Handling during cleaning or repairs should preferably be done using cotton gloves. This is because the windows can easily be spoilt by dirt, grease or oil. Cleaning should be done regularly if they are to last for long.

There are other treatments that need to be done to maintain wood quality. A poorly maintained window is susceptible to weathering and rotting. Another problem that should be anticipated is the swelling of the window following imbibing of moisture. This is a common problem in high humidity areas. It hinders the opening and closing of a window if excessive.

Vinyl windows have continued to be preferred for replacements due to a number of reasons. One of these reasons is of course the fact that they are cheaper. They are easy to fix such that one does not need to invest in an expert. Some people choose to combine wood and vinyl components. Such windows will have the elegance of wood and the functionality of vinyl which makes them a great choice.

Seeking professional advice on the best way to make replacements or repairs is advised. This is important as it gives one several options and helps them making mistakes that may prove very costly in the end. Old houses need to be evaluated more thoroughly than new ones when it comes to replacing wooden windows.

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