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Boomer Males Love Vintage Ford Mustangs & Mercury Cougars

By Harold Whittier

Jon Najjar and Robert Eggert were the key persons of the success of Ford Mustang Cars. It was often quoted that the Mustang "sold faster than donuts". The Ford Mustang family had the combined features of Ford Falcon and Thunderbird models. Mustang reached fame for its unique pony style. However, the company received criticism from fans due to larger and heavier models after the first release.

After the introduction of its first release in April 17, 1964, Mustang had a new look when Larry Shinoda joined the company. His venture to Ford Company gave way to Sports Roof Mustang models that has three-tail lamps for better rear view vision. In the decade of the 1970's, Ford created heavier and bigger version of Mustang autos. It uses Knudsen design having Torino or Fairlane sheet metal. Unfortunately, this model didn't last long in the market because most customers preferred fuel miles per gallon gasoline saving cars. On the other hand, the Mustang 351 Cleveland was the most popular car during this year due to its special features like hidden shield wrappers, bolt-on facade, wraparound instrumentation, and incredible engine.

After joining the Dearborn based Ford Company, Larry Shinoda and other GM Engineers conceptualized Mustang's next model. Its flashy sports roof has an amazing sporty design but cheaper in cost to outfit and sell retail. This model used three-element tail-lamps for enhance vision while on the road specifically at the rear. The next mustang produced during the 1970's was heavier and larger. It uses Torino / Fairline sheet-metal foundation base on Knudsen's plan. However, it didn't stay long in the market because there was more demand in safety and fuel economy cars. Ford produced amazing models like Boss 351, 429 Cobra Jet and 351 Cleveland. However, 351 C became more prominent due to its hidden wind shield wipers, wraparound instrumentation, modular bolt-in dash board, bolt-on facade, and amazing engine. There is little doubt about it . Ford Mustang articles , photos and even ads created excitement in both glossy American sports car magazines on newsstands and Canadian Winnipeg newspapers. Stories abounded in both front and auto sections of major newspapers and periodicals. Of course this was long before the internet and internet marketing by the major auto manufacturers and dealer sales outlets.

The " Ford Motor Company" produced great car models like Boss 351, 429 Cobra Jet and 351 Cleveland. But the Mustang 351 C became the most famous among these models. Mustang 351 C have unique features such as wraparound instrumentation, hidden wind shield wipers, bolt-on facade, modular bolt-in dash board, and monster engine.

Ford Company released Mustang II in 1974 which was the smaller version of the 1965 Mustang, This car has redefined characteristic such as embedded bolt-on outlook and sub-frame to isolate engine harmonics. It was modified to be smaller to accommodate its fuel efficiency features. Though its power was reduced, Mustang II hit the auto-industry at the exact time when least oil was supplied. King Cobra was the next model to Mustang II but it didn't stayed longer because Ford was ready to introduce their 1979 Mustang models. It has larger Fox platform and better interior to accommodate four people at the rear sit. The trunk and the engine got bigger so drivers can easily fix engine at times of trouble. In addition, the '79 Mustang was use in the Indianapolis 500 Pace Car that resulted Ford to reproduce to meet the demand. In the 1990's, Ford released enhanced Fox-4 models which heavier with less power. Ford also released more enhanced engines like 4.6L SOHC and DOHC V-8s which was used in the GT and SVT Cobra. No one knows what will be the next 2010 Mustang model. It can be an enhanced 2005 SN197, which is said to be by more than one Ford Mustang aficionado perhaps the safest mode ever of the rat pack.

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