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Unique Bird Feeders Invite Serenity Into Your Private Sanctuary

By Flossie Gibbs

Native birds are one of a nation's most valuable assets. Destroy them, and in a relatively short period of time insects will have multiplied to such an extreme that most trees will be stripped of their foliage, while plants and crops will cease to thrive. Unique bird feeders welcome wild, feathered friends into your garden sanctuary.

Ecologists report that the pressure to migrate comes from seasonal food scarcity. Day to day food reliability matters. The fact that climate change has altered the predictability of normal spring arrival, migrating aviary often miss the early flowers and nectar specific to the needs of certain species. Many normally migratory birds who are fed daily by dedicated birdwatchers decline to migrate, instead raising families and remaining year round.

Environmental extremes of heavy, deep snows, floods, and droughts have a dire effect on the feeding habits of wild birds. Adequate habitat, food and water protects, sustains and attracts wildlife. Healthy trees and evergreens offer birds a safe haven from the forces of nature.

Decorative feeders come in diverse shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. They are designed to hold various types of seeds to encourage a variety of avian species. Feeders should be sturdy, easy to fill and clean and appealing to the feathered friends welcomed in the landscapes surrounding the home.

Certain styles of bird-feeders make accessibility easier for particular species. Small birds prefer tubular feeders. Larger species prefer perched feeding at hopper and platform stations. Suet is held securely in safe, caged designs, nectar is covered in glass receptacles with ports for hummingbirds, fruit is held in decorative glass models with perches, while thistle is held dry in capped, tubular feeders with a chain for hanging.

Global warming, fewer trees, more vehicles and high-rise construction and the ever present danger imposed by predatory wildlife and cats, have negatively impacted the world bird population, with some species approaching extinction. Man has the ability to favorably tip the balance of nature by providing daily sustenance for the native bird population.

Decorative feeders rival aviary antics for visual interest. Each is as distinctive, and sometimes eccentric, as its artist. Elegant and modern stainless cylinders, vintage nostalgic pottery, copper wire crochet, stone statuary, architecturally welded steel and fruit-shaped woods, bring functional works of art into the garden.

Durability, practicality and aesthetic appeal define desirability for decorative bird-feeders. Artistry is incorporated into today's interpretative renditions of classic, modern, antique, rustic and architectural aviary feeding stations. Distinctive decorative feeders create an outdoor sanctuary that reflects the taste defining the ambiance of home.

The joy of birdwatching is magnified with window feeders designed for direct, secure attachment. Unobstructed, one-way viewing gives nature lovers a non-intrusive, up close and personal observation feast of avian antics and feeding habits. Open buffets, nautical portholes and nectar bars draw favorite visitors to join families in dinnertime camaraderie.

Unique bird feeders will welcome a variety of feathered friends to the cornucopia of visual beauty in an active wildlife sanctuary. Your natural habitat will teem with bird life, fewer insects and a healthier outdoor garden space. The birds and birders never had it so good.

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