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Different Methods Of Irrigation Boston Farmers Need To Know About

By Pamela Rivera

Water is among the most significant assets on the planet. Without water, there would no life. Crops require water in order to germinate. Generally crops rely on rain for water. This rain can be hard to rely on and often it might not even be enough. The best alternative in such situations would be to irrigate the plants. The various techniques of irrigation Boston dwellers ought to know about.

The drip one is the most common kind for a person who does not have many plants. Using this method a pipe that has holes is connected in between the plants. The pipe is then connected to a water source and the water drips onto the plants. For few plants, you can simply put water in a bottle and put it facing down next to the crop. The water then slowly drips onto the plant for as long as there is water in the bottle.

Sprinkler systems are also useful for watering relatively large places. The sprinkler consists of a long pipe, which sprinkles water onto the lawns within a hundred feet at most. This method is efficient since it uses very little water. Additionally since the pipes are long, they can access a larger surface.

Furrow irrigation is another common irrigating method used in huge fields. Furrows are normally dug in between the crops. The farmer then ensures water flows down the trenches. The water then slowly sips into the soil both horizontally and vertically. This method of irrigating is suitable for plants that are damaged by direct contact with water like in the case of flood. The main challenge is ensuring equal amount of water flows on both sides of the trench.

The flood kind is another one that may be used to water plants. This kind is the earliest techniques, which were used by people before other sophisticated techniques were developed. Under this method, water is provided to some pipe or ditch. This water then flows easily to the plants. Even though it is among the earliest techniques, it has various issues like water being lost easily through evaporation.

Terraces may also be built to enhance watering of crops. Although this type is efficient in terms of utilizing less water, it is quite labor intensive. This is because terraces have to be build where the crops will be planted. Water is then supplied onto one terrace, the water flows very easily onto the other terrace, and the process goes on.

For people who have very large field, sprinklers are not suitable. The best method is use of rotary systems. These systems are very similar to sprinkler systems, the main difference being that they can sprinkle water to a larger surface area as compared to sprinklers.

All the various types of irrigation Boston dwellers should know are important. Knowledge of the different types will enable the farmer to choose the method of irrigating that is most suitable for their farm. It also enables the farmer to be knowledgeable.

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