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Maintaining Your Yard The Correct Way- Kansas City Landscaping Tips

By Karl Robinson

You don't need to pay an expert for a professional quality lawn servicing. Just watering and mowing the lawn will never cultivate a good yard. Kansas City landscapers put into practice a scope of services which are needed for that ideal yard.

You must acknowledge that grass is a creature that has to eat and drink and breathe. Understanding this and meeting those needs will, in time, result in a beautiful and healthy lawn. Simply being aware of the lawn's needs will not fix anything, however. You must also understand how to take care of them properly.

Kansas City Landscapers understand that the top 2-3 inches of soil are essential to prepare if the grass isn't already established. Use information from landscapers in Kansas City to create a soil texture that is somewhat compressible and retains moisture. You want a balance between good drainage but moisture retention, and gas-exchange but not enough to dry out the soil. Grass roots need both water and oxygen.

Acidity is an additional aspect of this preparation. Simple test kits are available from most Kansas City landscaping supplier shops. When you find out the level you can then adjust the soil acidity with additives or chemicals. 6.6 is an ideal pH level. Kansas City landscaping suppliers will have the price on materials and the instructions for application.

Standing water and excessive erosion tend to be a problem in the Kansas City area. Proactive management will save you a headache later on and prevent damage to your house and property. To anchor and grow properly the soil in which it grows must not be washed away or over-saturated. To prevent this you should re-grade areas that are too steep or that are prone to standing water. Installing sod in steeper areas or utilizing landscaping technology like erosion blankets can help in especially steep areas.

The next step after soil-preparation is planting the grass itself, either in small bare areas or for a whole new lawn. Sod and seed are the two choices that you will have to examine and utilize at your discretion. Sod requires less time and labor but it is much more expensive, while Seed is cheaper and allows you to mix varieties of grass.

Some yards have issues like heavy traffic and erosion, which will mean you should look into two or even three types of grass to be planted together. Professional Kansas City landscapers know that mixed seed can make sure your yard is well-covered, though the lawn may not be uniform in color and texture. Each yard is unique and consulting a local Kansas City landscaping company or shop may be required.

Correct watering is more crucial for your lawn than maybe any other issue. Kansas City landscapers view watering as an art that must be customized to each yard. Symptoms of over-watering include- Fungus, Thatch (dead layers of grass throughout the yard), yellowing patches, burned grass (in the Summer heat), and an abundance of weeds. Proper water, with soil that correctly retains moisture, should rarely exceed 2 inches of water per week.

Substantial thatch may become an issue if left unattended. If left unattended it will harm the yard and cause unhealthy growth patterns. But thatch that is kept in check, or that decomposes quickly enough, is actually valuable.

Removing thatch is necessary for some varieties of grass even when the yard has been taken care of properly. Landscapers in Kansas City will de-thatch by using a power-rake. If this is not easily obtained a stiff-toothed hand-rake will also work. Rake the thatch into piles, passing over the yard at least twice. Be careful not to damage the living grass. The dried grass can be a fire hazard so always dispose of it or compost it.

Soil around the roots of your grass can become compressed gradually. This has to be remedied if your lawn is going to reach its highest potential.

Aeration is the treatment Kansas City landscapers use to fix this problem. Run an aerator over your yard twice- each time at right angles to the other. This allows the soil to exchange gases and water more freely.

At the end of Winter or start of Spring Kansas City landscapers make use of a pre-emergent to prevent the germination of weeds. The majority of lawn weeds emerge from their seeds once the weather warms above freezing. The pre-emergent will stop the weed seeds from activating and sprouting. The grass will then mature and spread quickly to establish itself. Just be careful not to use the pre-emergent when you are seeding grass since it will do the same thing to grass seed as it does to weed seed.

Your grass has to eat and not just water it and cut it. You will inevitably lose nitrogen and other elements throughout the year because of rain, sunshine, wind, etc. These must be replaced several times a year if the yard is going to be healthy and strong. Early Spring and late Fall are the ideal seasons for feeding. Manure and other organic materials are good alternatives to common chemical fertilizers.

You should not fertilize when the grass is too high, if you don't the pellets of fertilizer will not be spread properly. Yet, if the grass has just been cut the fertilizer can do some major harm to the already stressed plants. Often home-owners think that cutting the grass as short as possible is good for the yard. But this will be detrimental to the grass over time and in the Summer.. Professional Kansas City landscapers always encourage cutting it at a medium height so that the grass does not have to continually recover.

Every year Kansas City landscapers use a fungicide to prevent fungus spores from sprouting. Grass and garden plants that are often moist of shaded will attract mold, mildew, and fungus that can destroy a yard. The Kansas City climate can make fungus thrive, so be watchful, even if you do treat the yard.

Wise Kansas City landscapers will keep the yard in the healthiest state possible. A vibrant lawn is the best shield against drought and stress, just as your body fights off stress and disease if it is healthy. Kansas City landscapers know that the good times are when hard work is most effective, not the bad times. Trying to fix issues after they happen is simply foolish.

Every good Kansas City landscaper knows that being diligent and proactive is not easy but it is worth it. It will give you lots of time to think and reflect while your hands are busy. So get out there and enjoy the work!

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