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Where to buy the cheapest galaxy print leggings

By Sisi Tsoi

There was once a time when our favourite bottom attire was low-rise bottom flares. Remember those embarrassing moments when we bent down to reach something on the floor, our under garments, well, our g-string showed! Those were the nightmare times of the new Millennium. When the excitement of the new era, from all the energy of the all girl bands, like the Spice Girls, released a new form of feminist movement, and all of us bared so much, it became just too much for others to stand. Thankfully that era has long gone and has been replaced with a new surge of style.

I am sure you will be really mindful of this trend, because almost everyone from the Universe excepting the male population is doing it. Typically it's everywhere. From the girl at streetlevel to the trendy grandma in the tea shop. What trend is 'that ' flexible? You might ask. Yes, it's the leggings trend! It once was a seriously popular trend in the 80s by the acorbate devotees and was seen as very outdated at one point. It looks to me that full generations of fashionista are bored with the entire denim low-rise thing, galvanized by Britney. Like Britney, that trend was doomed by 2005.

Suddenly, leggings became the saviour to rescue us from our wardrobe dilemma. If you are stuck, not knowing what to wear with a short dress in the summer, a pair of black leggings will make it suddenly youthful and appropriately casual. If we are unsure whether our favourite little black dress seems a bit tired, we can always refresh it with a pair of colourful printed leggings.

Gone is the perception that the leggings obsession is only for the fetish buffs. With the arriving of the much beloved brand 'Black Milk ', leggings became conventional and not at all limited to the male population to be nutty about. They have invented the universe prints on leggings and made their fortune from it.

You could think leggings are only for young gals lucky enough to have slim pins. Not so. From the recent sighting of Cher, who steps out in her leather biker jacket and black leggings, it proves that you can definitely 'turn back time ' and you are never too old for leggings.

What about the outrageously curvy Amber Rose? She steps out in a lot of elaborately designed leggings. She's certainly not shy of her legs. So as you can see, we can all use leggings as one big comfort blanket for our sartorial need.

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