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It's Written In The Stars

By William Lear

One of the bittersweet aspects of looking back over a year gone by is the remembrance of famous people who are sadly no longer with us. And I don't just mean one-hit wonders: I'm talking about those extraordinary individuals who, in some small way, help to enrich the lives of millions all across the world.

Maybe it is without coincidence that three of the most inspiring figures of our time passed away in the same year. The first to leave his mark was none other than the legend that was Roy Bradbury. Bradbury was an enormously influential writer of speculative fiction and perhaps one of the brightest lights of the golden age of science. And how can we not mention the ultimate prodigy of them all, Mr Neil Armstrong?

His famous 'small step' will always be remembered as a 'giant leap' for mankind. Thirdly, and last but not least, let's all take a moment to reflect upon the brilliant and unforgettable Sir Patrick Moore.

After-all, it was his incredible longevity as a television presenter that did more to foster interest in the field of astronomy than anything else this side of the Atlantic! He was also a firm believer that the 'answers to the riddles' of existence and life lay in the stars and the mechanics of the sky

So, when you ask me to look back over 2012, and I remember those we have lost, a common denominator springs to mind. Sir Patrick Moore, Neil Armstrong and Ray Bradbury, as well as other men and women like them, all sought to expand our human horizons. They helped us to ponder our frailty, our mortality and our seeming insignificance within the cosmos order. Interestingly, they also inculcated within us a deep sense of spiritual wonder and question.

But this isn't the end!

There are so many books, documentaries and films out there about these figures that they will long be remembered by scholars and us ordinary folk alike. On a further note, if you really want to get involved, there are a number of classes or events that you could attend.

Take Home House of Portman Square for example, they have recently put on their own special 'Evening with The Stars'. Led by Carolyne Faulkener, chief translator for the stars and planets, this really was the height of obscure astrology mixed with spiritual understanding.

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